“Architectural Fish” series


This mixed-media series on paper is born on the occasion of “Once Upon a Time There Was a
Fish Sitting On a Tree” solo show of Olga Teksheva. “Here in Rome I have many artist friends,
musicians, composers, actors, all of them complaining about the ancient heritage of this city
which is “far too heavy” for a contemporary artist, almost suffocating”, – explains Olga, – “But
when we begin to talk about history of certain monuments, I realize that my friends (like so
many Romans) don’t really know their “suffocating” heritage and many of inspiring or tragic
historical events behind these monuments. So, I just wanted to dedicate something light and
playful to this subject that in reality is quite serious”.
What if we take some fragments of antique or medieval Roman monuments and put them in an
unexpected context, like the world of a coral reef? Incredible underwater colours and textures
completely change our perception of historical buildings…and who can guess which
architectural structures these fragments were taken from?