“Not So Black. Not So Square” series


This mixed-media series on paper is inspired by the iconic piece of modern art, the “Black
Square” by Kazimir Malevich (1915). “When they find out that I was born in Moscow, they
often tell me: “Oh, yes, Russian artist, like Malevich!” – says Olga, – “and I try to explain that
there were many other Russian artists, like Kandinsky, or Rodchenko, or Filonov… But
everybody sees the “Black Square” of Malevich as a “business card” of Russian art. So, I wanted
to create a series that is homage to Malevich, but at the same time a bit tongue-in- chick”.
The graphic research for the pieces of this series starts with drawings and marks that the artist
makes together with her daughter. Little fragments of these drawings become multi-layered and
multi-coloured embroideries on denim that later are assembled with weaved and crocheted
elements in an overall composition on paper.