Oleonauta Collaboration


oleonauta collaboratio design
A model of cocktail dress inspired by colours and silhouette of the bottle of Conventino extra virgin olive oil.

“Oleonauta” is a project of Simona Cognoli. This shop is famous among the connoisseurs of haute cuisine not only in Rome area, but in all of Italy, for its’ selection of prime quality olive oils. In 2015 Simona develops an original project that unites haute cuisine and haute couture, and commissions to Olga a series of mixed-media works on paper with sketches of evening and cocktail dresses inspired by colours and silhouettes of bottles of different oils represented by “Oleonauta”. These drawings are exhibited in “Oleonauta” booth at “Solstizio d’estate” fair in Rome in May 2015.

Materials: Watercolour, markers, gel pen,  Japanese Washi paper, embroidery (on paper)